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April 2019 Newsletter

Parents/Players – The summer soccer is quickly approaching and we are just over a month away from kick-off.   There is a lot of information in this email so please read carefully.
Our uniform pick up day will be Saturday May 11th between 10am and 1pm at Mainway Arena (northeast corner of Walker’s Line and Mainway, Burlington).  It is important that you attend on this date, or send a friend/relative to do so.  Waivers must be signed before your child can play.  If you have not sent in your waiver you can bring it with you May 11th. If you are unable to pick up on May 11th, you can pick up your child’s uniform on the first day of soccer.  No exceptions.  The uniforms that are not picked up are going into storage until we start soccer. 
If you have not yet paid for your child, please do so immediately.  We are preparing our team rosters and need to know you are committed.
Our uniform pick up day will feature many of our sponsors with discount coupons, demos, product etc.  Please visit all of our sponsors for some great deals and to thank them for their support.  They keep soccer affordable for your children.
We are still in need for coaches in the following age groups:
Thursday U5 Co-ed (2014) – 3 coaches needed
Thursday U6 Co –Ed (2013) – 1 coach needed 
Friday U4 Co-ed (2015) – 2 coaches needed
Friday U5 Co-Ed (2014) – 3 coaches needed
Friday U8-10 Boys (2010-2009-2008) – 2 coaches needed
Friday U11-13 Boys (2007-2006-2005) – 2 coaches neededFriday U6/7 Boys (2013-2012) – 2 coaches needed
Friday U8-10 Boys (2011-2010-2009) – 1 coach needed
Saturday U3 Co-Ed (2016) – 6 coaches needed Saturday U4 Co-Ed (2015) – 4 coaches needed
Saturday U5 Co-Ed (2014) – 5 coaches needed
Saturday U6 Co-Ed (2013) – 5 coaches needed
Saturday U7/8 Girls (2012-2011) – 2 coaches neededSaturday U7/8 Boys (2012-2011) – 1 coach needed
Saturday U9-11 Girls (2010-2009-2008) – 2 coaches needed
Saturday U12-15 Girls (2007-2004)– 2 coaches needed
Waterdown U3 Co-Ed – (2016) 5 coaches needed
Waterdown U4 (2015) Co-Ed – 3 coaches needed
Waterdown U5 Co-Ed (2014) – 4 Coaches needed
Waterdown U6 Co-Ed (2013) – 2 coaches needed
Waterdown U7/8 Co-Ed (2012, 2011) – 2 coaches needed
Waterdown U9-11 Co-Ed (2010-2009-2008) – 4 coaches needed
Please, please give this some consideration.  We would only ask that you coach your own child’s team. Your commitment is to the once per week session, and we will provide you with the practice plan for each week’s session.  Please let me know if you can coach your child’s team.  It is a very rewarding experience!!!  Our staff is on site each week if you have technical questions.  We will also have a “session” prior to the start of the season to review the manuals, meet our staff etc.  You won’t be disappointed and your child will be thrilled!!!  Many of you have special requests to have your child play with friends, you can co-coach with your friends!
Absolute Soccer (4130 Fairview Street, Burlington) They have shin pads for your children in all sizes. Be sure to use the coupon for $5.00 discount on your purchase that you received when you registered online.
Shoe Exchange – If you have soccer shoes that no longer fit your child, please consider donating them to another child.  We will have a table set up for you to leave your surplus shoes.  Hopefully you will be able to find a pair at the table that will fit your child.
Equipment – We will provide each child with a soccer ball, jersey, shorts and socks.  All players MUST have shin pads.  Soccer shoes (no metal studs) or running shoes are acceptable footwear.  No sunglasses.  No jewelry. No hard brimmed hats (ie. baseball caps).
PLAYERS NEEDED – We still have space in the following age groups.  Please pass along our info to friends/family.
U3 Burlington – Saturday mornings at 9am at Central Park (10 spots)
U5 Thursday at Palladium Park – 6:30pm – 10 spots
U4 Friday at Sherwood Forest Park – 6:30pm – 20 spots
U6 Saturday at Central Park – 10am – 20 spots
U7/8 Girls Saturday at Central Park – 10am – 20 spots
U9-11 Girls Saturday at Central Park – variable start – 20 spots
U9-11 Boys Saturday at Central Park – 18 spots
U12-15 Girls Saturday at Central Park – 20 spots
Hamilton Residents Only for the following age groups:
U3 Waterdown – Co-Ed – Tuesdays at 5:30pm – 25 spotsU4 Waterdown – Co-Ed Mondays at Memorial Park – 15 spotsU5 Waterdown – Co-Ed Mondays at Memorial Park – 15 spots
U6 Waterdown – Co-Ed – Tuesdays at 6:30pm – 6 spots
U9-11 Waterdown – Co-Ed – Wednesday at Gatesbury Park – 6:30pm – 20 spots
Scooby would like to keep growing and with that in mind we are trying to fill our groups at both the youngest age group and oldest.  We have some a minimal number of spots available in some other age groups.  Please pass along our info to your friends. Thank you!!!
Schedules – We hope to have our schedules online by May 1st.  We will continue to go green this year and will not be printing the schedules as part of your uniform package.  Maps to the fields will also be online.  The following are our anticipated “start dates”.
Fridays – May 24th – Sherwood Forest Park
Saturdays – May 25th – Central Park
Mondays – May 27th – Memorial Park
Tuesdays – May 21st – Memorial Park
Wednesdays – May 22rd – Gatesbury Park
Thursdays – May 23rd – Palladium Park
Photo Day Schedule – the schedule will be on your regular schedule, which will take place the 2nd week of the season.  You will get an order form in your uniform package if you wish to order individual photos.  We will provide a team photo to each player only.
Community Notices –
Uniform Donation – We will be collecting your old used uniforms that you no longer require and donating to various charities.  Some Scooby uniforms and soccer balls will be on their way to Jamaica this year.  In the past we have provided uniforms and soccer balls to children in Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic and Brazil.  We will have a box available for your donations on uniform pick up day (May 11th, Mainway Arena)
Blood Donor – If you are a regular blood donor, or are interested in becoming a blood donor – please visit the website  As an organization we would like to pledge to raise 55 units this year. 
Your Partner ID is SOCC011715
Start saving lives now!
Your Partner ID and registration information is found below. The Partner ID is used to link your team’s donations to your organization. All members will need this Partner ID when registering so we can ensure that your team’s donations count towards your organization’s pledge.
Thank you for your generosity and contribution to the blood system.
Partner ID: SOCC011715
Organization: Soccer Club Organization of Burlington Youth (SCOOBY)

Volunteers – Uniform Day – I will email our volunteers the week before to give you a reminder.  We would like our volunteers at Mainway for 9am to help unload the truck and set up the tables.  We will finish around 1:15pm. Thanks to all of you who volunteered to help.  Very much appreciated!!!  We could still use some volunteers, particularly with the addition of vendors (sponsors) this year and we will need an additional 6 volunteers to help with this.  We typically need about 30 volunteers and at this point we have 19.
Parking – There is very limited parking at Sherwood Forest Park.  If you are within walking distance to the park, please do so.  You can also park on Mullin Way or Cape Avenue and walk through the catwalk to the fields.
Follow us on Twitter.  @scoobysoccer
I’m looking forward to another great soccer season!  See you May 11th for uniforms.
Partners – We are pleased to announce QB’s will return as a major sponsor this year.  They will be providing “Player of the Game” pennants to players with a card for a free meal at their restaurant (see card for details).  Each child will receive on at some point this season from their coach.  Please support our sponsors.  QB’s is at Fairview and Appleby Line and a great place for our Friday night teams to gather before or after the game.  They have a great children’s area with games.Emille Shoes (Factory Shoe Outlet) will have coupons for your child’s uniform package.  Look for those for some great savings.Tim Hortons is a major sponsor for our U3, U4 and U5 Burlington teams and provide the kids, balls and medals.  We are grateful for the wonderful support of these returning sponsorsParkside DaycareChildren’s Dental HealthcareMollycakeUnited Trophy (R & R)
We welcome some new sponsors this year.  Please visit our website at and click on the “partner” page.  You will get a link to the sponsors.  Please support them! They help make our sport affordable for your children.Edward JonesRoyal CoachmanHunt Chrysler FiatGatesBack to Basics
Kathy Parker – Program Manager